About us

Our history

In 1976, Bil & Skadeservice was founded in Klippan as a car workshop.

In 1999, the business in Klippan was bought by the current owner and is, still today, located at the origin address.

In 2004, the neighboring property in Klippan was bought and we started our own automotive paint business.

In 2008, our damage workshop in Munka-Ljungby (formerly known as Förenadebils skadeverkstad) was bought.

In 2016,we launched a combined damage and paint workshop in Helsingborg. We were also appointed workshop of the year by Länsförsäkringar Skåne.

In 2017, we became authorized by Tesla to handle sheet metal, paint and glass damages and opened the doors to our aluminum workshop in Helsingborg.

In 2018, we were 30 specialized employees in paint and sheet metal damages who perform damage reparation for well-known partners (Tesla, Börjessons Bil, Holmgrens Bil, Lindells Bil, Förenade Bil, Motor Village, Gösta Jönsson, Rask & Björck, etc.)

In 2019, we became Entrepreneur of the Year in Klippan, which we are very proud of!

In May 2019, we were named Entrepreneur of the Year in Klippan. Something we are very proud of!

On July 1, 2019, our accident repair shop in Lund (formerly Bilskadecenter & Bilplåt Syd) was bought. These two were merged and become our fourth facility.

In 2020, we were finally able to offer AC work for R134 and R1234 at selected facilities.

In 2020, on 1 October, our fifth facility Berga at Mörsaregatan 10 started up.

On March 1, 2022, we changed owners and became part of the Autocirc group. Our drive to be at the forefront and Autocirc’s sustainable and circular business model will take us further into the future.

In 2022, thanks to Tågaborgs Bilservice, our contract with Mitsubishi was renewed.

In 2022, a long and rewarding collaboration began with our new partner Fares and his team at S. Jönsson and Mercedes-Benz.

Part of something greater

We are a part of the Autocirc group, which is the biggest company in Europe to create recycling concepts in the car parts industry.

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Every part counts

Together with Autocirc we contribute to a more sustainable community. Our job is to bring more spare parts into the market, in accordance with the circular economy of the future, as responsibly as possible. Our job is to reintroduce working parts to the market in accordance with the circular economy of the future – and it must be done in as responsible and qualitative a way as possible.

The SBR industry certification

The industry certification is a voluntary industry-specific management system for dismantlers. Industry companies that achieve a certification must have one systematic and improvement-oriented working method for its environmental quality and work environment work. The industry certification is structured according to the same structure as ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001. To make the certification even more valuable, it has requirements linked to work environment and fire protection incorporated in the standard. This certification meets the same level as the ISO prescribes, but we have adapted it to our industry. Most of the requirements from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are included in the industry certification.