A circular economy and a sustainable community

It takes less energy and raw materials to reuse a part from us than to buy a new one. When we receive end-of-life and crashed vehicles at our facility, it’s our job to recover and reintroduce those parts that can be directly reused in the marketplace.

We prepare for both reuse and remanufacture, with the possibility to collect the components that can be reused after renovation. Moreover, we create an effective material recycling with the components that cannot be reused. Our job is to bring more spare parts back to the market, in accordance with the circular economy of the future, as responsibly as possible.

Part of something greater

We are proud to be a part of Autocirc. Autocirc is an aftermarket company in the automotive industry that wholeheartedly focuses on reuse and recycling. Their vision is to create a circle of specialist companies that are working together in different parts of the aftermarket cycle in the automotive industry.

The purpose is to increase the reuse of vehicle parts, regardless of whether it is direct reuse or reuse after renovation. This means better opportunities for reuse of refurbished parts and better conditions for material recovery and reintroduction of clean, secondary raw material.
The future picture is that together we can minimize material waste and create a stable flow of durable spare parts.

Environmental policy

We are environmentally certified according to SBR’s industry certification and hold those requirements and conditions as a minimum level for our environmental work. Our goal is to reuse as much of the vehicles as possible scrap metal and the part that cannot be reused, we recycle all at once environmentally efficient way. We constantly strive to find new ways to minimize our impact on the environment.

We want to enable a sustainable future for our planet through
promoting the use of recycled vehicle components,
both as spare parts but also in new car manufacturing.

Quality policy

Our products must have such quality so that we always reach our customers’ goals and expectations. Quality is all employees’ concern. The demand and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders are our lowest level and our goal is to surpass them. We check all parts, regarding quality and function, as much as possible and are constantly working on improvements. We always check that the part in question suits our customers’ needs and strives for a high level of service with fast and secure deliveries.

Work environment policy

The working environment in our business must protect the employee from ill health or injures due to the work and that they can evolve both professionally and as individuals. The work environment policy must permeate every decision that are taken and all the activities that are done. We accept no form of bullying or harassment in our workplace. Our work environment must be characterized by openness and all individuals must treated equally and with respect.